Q: My electric water heater only generates a little hot water before running out. Why?

A:  It is most likely that your bottom element is burnt out.

Q: My thermostat is set on 72°, but the temperature in my house only gets to 70°. Why?

A:  Not all thermostats read accurately or identically.  It is common to be off by 2°.  Pay no attention to this variance. Set your thermostat at a level where you are comfortable.

Q: What maintenance should I do on my furnace?

A:  Change your filters quarterly and have a professional inspect your equipment every year or two.

Q: What should I do if my AC will not run?

A:  Check the breakers and service disconnect.  Make sure the the furnace blower is running.

Q: What should I do if my AC runs but will not cool?

A:  Check to make sure the outdoor unit is running and check the cleanliness of the furnace filter.

Q: What should I do if my oil furnace will not turn on?

A: First check the oil tank for oil.  If you have oil, push the reset button but do NOT push it more than (2) times. If it doesn’t start, contact us.

Q: When my furnace comes on my home fills with an odd smell. What should I do?

A:  Contact us for an indoor air quality test with an independent report for home owners.

Q: Why do I get moisture build up on my windows in the winter?

A:  Your home is sealed too tight.  You and your home would be well served to install an air exchanger.

Q: Why don’t I get good air flow to certain areas of my house?

A:  If good ducting practices were used, it is possible that you have registers or dampers shut off.

Q: What is the first thing I should do if my furnace does not run?

A:  If your furnace is a standing pilot, look to be sure the pilot light is on.  If your furnace is a high efficiency model, check the exhaust/intake vent(s) and cycle the on/off switch.